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Scenes From Life—West Virginia Springtime

Last weekend I visited New Vrindavan for a meeting of the ISKCON North American leaders. I got away once and a while to check out the local flora and fauna . . .

NV 1Says It All . . . Almost

NV 2Two Guardians and An Entrance

NV 3Passive Water Feature

NV 4Gathering of Local Residents

NV 5Wise, Ancient Catfish with Tilaka

NV 6Serving Prasadam to Local Residents

NV 7Hungry

NV 8Motherhood

NV 9Swanboat

NV 10Local Lords

NV 11Benediction

NV 12Mercy

NV 13More Mercy

NV 14Male Peacockery—The Prototype

NV 15Spider Mandala

NV 16Directions

NV 17Calf in Repose

NV 18Goatee—The Prototype

NV 19Big Eye

NV 20Tourist

NV 21Green Meeting

NV 22Apple Envy

NV 23Guardian of the Palace

NV 24Palace Path

NV 24bActive Water Feature

NV 25Greeting from Bahulavan

NV 26Old Temple

NV 27Bahulavan Rising

NV 28Visit www.bahulavan.org

NV 29Altar where Radha-Vrindaban Candra Once Reigned

NV 30Silent Echos of  Kirtans Past

NV 31Reflecting on the Past

NV 32Path to Old Festival Site

NV 331972 Site of Prabhupada Vyasa Puja and Bhagavata Dharma Discourse

NV 34True

NV 35Spiritual Sentiments of the Rainbow Tribe

NV 36View From Festival Site

NV 37Pilgrims before Radha-Vrindaban Candra

NV 38Radha Vrindavan Candra In Person


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