A Personal Note

I am still convalescing from pneumonia. On October 27th I flew back to JFK from Mumbai nonstop aboard Delta, and my first night in Philadelphia spiked a high fever accompanied by violent vomiting and chills. I feared I had malaria. (Mumbai records 6,000 cases this year.) The next day fever continued, and I began bring up rust colored goop from my lungs. My doctor immediately diagnosed bacterial pneumonia:


At least I tested negative for malaria:


He confirmed it with a chest x-ray and blood test and prescribed a ten-day course of antibiotics. I weakened steadily until the fourth day, on which vital energy made its slight, but firm, reappearance. I finished the antibiotics last week; still I find myself exhausted after even a little effort and I sleep a lot. My strength returns, but it seems to take its own time.

On the Vaishnava Care website, I see many compassionate devotees have been praying for my recovery. Thank you all. I hope to repay you with service to Srila Prabhupada.

A Welcome Note from Jayadvaita Maharaja


I’m reading and appreciating your blog.

One point (from an old e-mail exchange):

“Shri” is needless–and antiquated.


Two of my dictionaries–American Heritage and Random House–list
“Sri,” not “Shri.” The third–Merriam-Webster–does have “Shri.”
Definition? “variant of Sri.”

And since it’s “Sri,” then “Srila” and “Srimad.”


–ys, js


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